Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hello and thank you for reading my first post! I created this blog as a way to show all of my friends and family how to travel for free like my family does.
In January 2014 I started looking for a way that I could afford to take my daughters on vacations, showing them the world on very little income. Our youngest daughter was born at only 23 weeks gestation, weighing 1 pound & 6 ounces. For four months I talked to her in the hospital telling her story after story about where I would take her if she just fought to come home. I started out slowly, by watching others until I felt comfortable then jumped in head first. This summer we started knocking places off the list. I nicknamed it the "Celebration of Life" Tour.
 (See more at www.BriellasJourney.com)

Included in this blog will be:
How To's for free travel
Incredible deals in the travel industry,

I'd love to hear if you used my advice to travel somewhere! Let me know who you brought with you and where you went!

Beginner's Guide:
1. Sign up for frequent flyer programs and hotel rewards programs. This is where we earn points & miles to get free travel! Be sure to keep a Word document of all of your usernames/member numbers and passwords!

2. The quickest way to get miles & points without traveling is credit card bonuses! I plan out an "app party" twice a year. What that means is I will apply for 3 credit cards at the same time (or same week.) By only doing it one week twice a year my credit has not been affected. I also pay off the balance each month, so my credit isn't affected and I pay zero interest. I do not recommend opening credit cards if you cannot pay them off, but I will show you how to hit the minimum spends to get the credit card bonuses.

3. Shop and eat! You shop online right? Why not get points/miles for that same order just by clicking through the flyer program/hotel rewards portal first! Dining programs offered by loyalty programs offer points just by registering your credit/debit card with them before eating at your favorite restaurant!


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