The Kings Great European Adventure

Welcome to our 10 week Great European Adventure! Our last name is King, so there you have the title. We filmed this trip and it is currently in editing for Season One of our web series:
Our Kids Travel: The Kings Great European Adventure            stay tuned!

*Landing in Europe, Day 1 in Paris

Week 1:
*Riquewihr, France

Week 2:
*Vienna, Austria Part 1
*Vienna, Austria Part 2
*Oldest Amusement Park in the World
*Schonbrunn Palace Guide
*Vienna, Austria Travel Guide

The following are beauty posts inspired from my visit to Vienna, Austria:

*Empress Sisi's Beauty Tips
*Sisi, the Chanel Empress?!
*An Ancient European Beauty Tonic: Queen of Hungary's Water
*Beauty products that have been around 100+ years

Week 3:
Memory of Mankind and Gmunden, Austria:
*The Beautiful Lake Village of Gmunden, Austria
*Memory of Mankind project, Hallstatt, Austria; Brian's Fall Down the Waterfall
*Lake Fuschl Day of Recovery
*Hallstatt; the world's most beautiful Lakeside village

Week 4:
*Innsbruck, Austria
*Swarovski Kristallwelton: Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Week 5:
The horrible fall in Switzerland:
*That time I fell down a mountain

Coming Soon:
Week 5: Grindelwald and Interlaken, Switzerland
Week 6: Rome, Italy
Week 7: Amalfi Coast, Italy, Bomarzo, Siena and Pisa
Week 8: Cinque Terre, Italy
Week 9: Cannes, France
Week 10: Paris, France; Versailles, Amiens, Bayeux, Ault; Bastille Day. Zurich

Each city also has a travel guide coming soon!


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