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About Our Kids Travel

Our Kids Travel, founded by Stacy King in 2014, is an award-winning family travel and adventure blog helping families go beyond their guidebooks and have more authentic, meaningful experiences. Her blogs receive over 34,000 unique visitors and over 54,000 pageviews per month from 210 countries with over 2,200 followers on social media.

Stacy has appeared on Wild On E! travel show and has had OKT's sister site: Briella's Journey, featured on The Today Show, the Kansas City Star newspaper and countless online sources.

Partnership Options:                      Social Media Links:

  • Press/ Social Media Trips                                                          * Instagram
  • Freelance Writing / Content Creation                                        * TripAdvisor Reviews
  • Brand Ambassadorship / Partnerships / Advertising                 * Stacy's Facebook
  • Blog Consulting and Public Speaking                                          * YouTube
  • Custom Kansas City Tours                                                         * Briella's Journey Facebook
  • Travel Itinerary Planning                                               *Our numbers may not be huge, but our
  • Photography and Video Creation                                        impact is! With a web series coming,
  • Contest, Giveaway and Event Promotion                           they are about to skyrocket!
  • Experiential Reviews of Apps, Products and Services
  • Campaign and Event Planning
  • …ideas? Stacy is always open to new partnership ideas.
Partner Testimonials:

"We loved the GoPicnic Collaboration!"
-Julia Falk-Mann

"Thank you very much for your email and for such a detailed review. I am glad you had such a great stay in Paris. Please feel free to contact us again if you travel in one of our 9 destinations" -Jonathon Guillot

“We’ve been very impressed with the creative approach to Stacy’s storytelling, especially in capturing such a diverse region as the French Polynesia. The diversity of angles, as well as the number of stories produced, has exceeded our expectations. We are delighted that Stacy had found many ways to produce thoughtful stories and capture the personalities and companies involved whom she visited. And, we are pleased that she continues to find ways for French Polynesia to fit in additional story opportunities—even years after she completed the trip.” -French Polynesian Tourism Commission

Focus Topics:

Family Travel: Stacy travels with her children 85% of the time, and creates guides focused on these experiences to help others bring family along.
Offbeat Guides: These guides take you beyond the guidebook to have quirky and lesser-known experiences.
Adventure Travel: From hiking the Amalfi Coast to wandering volcanoes in Bora Bora to swimming with sharks in the Bahamas, Stacy loves getting that adrenaline pumping.
Transformative Travel: Personal reflections and insights, sometimes moving other times humorous, from life on the road and in KC.
Kansas City: Stacy is a native Kansas Citian, and while her experiences and stories span the globe, she has a particular affinity for KC and is an expert for the destination.
Inspiring Stories: Stacy loves covering not just her own stories, but the inspiring stories of other road warriors, small business owners, artisans and those she meets along the way.
Food and Drink: One of Stacy’s favorite ways to explore a destination is through the food and drink, especially interesting concept eateries. 
Art and Culture: No trip to any destination would be complete without experiencing the local culture. Stacy enjoys featuring immersive cultural experiences in a narrative, enlightening manner.
Route Guides: Stacy enjoys working with responsible tour operators to cover interesting tour routes, creating a series based on the stops and experiences along the way. 
Budget Guides: Stacy creates a series of destination guides showcasing the best things to do on a budget while still having a memorable trip.
Technology: Stacy loves creating helpful and focused guides showcasing the hottest tech gear, as well as reviewing the latest apps and gadgets in an experiential manner with lots of photography.

Get In Touch:
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