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InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa Review

We checked out of  IC Le Moana feeling sad to leave. The staff completely wow'ed us and I was a little anxious that Intercontinental Thalasso wouldn't be able to give the same level of recognition and service that Le Moana showed us. We also had a perfect view of the motu and had only booked into the Emerald villa at Thalasso. How was I supposed to give up that view?

We took the free shuttle boat that goes in between both Intercontinental resorts. For me it is like an excursion itself. It goes halfway around the island, and you go through so many shades of blue water.
Complimentary boat shuttle between IC Resorts

 Upon arrival there was a golf cart waiting for us. It whisked us away to the Ambassador check in area, which was beachfront and jaw dropping gorgeous. It looks exactly as it does in photos, there is no photoshop to make the waters look better. We were brought chilled Tiare tea and face towels with Tiare water. 
Ambassador welcome area + Tiare tea & cold towels

This fragrance is now my favorite in the whole world!! We were thanked for our loyalty to IHG several times. The manager came out and thanked us and wished us a great stay. He was from France and we chatted about France for a bit. He was very personable and I felt he really cared how our stay went.  We saw him later on in our stay and he made sure everything was going great. 
At check in we were offered 50% off breakfast if we paid it for all nights, so we accepted. We got back on the golf cart for a tour of the resort. IC Thalasso is larger than IC Le Moana. After getting our hearts racing with gorgeous views, we were driven to our bungalow, #118. We were upgraded from an Emerald to Sapphire bungalow. There was a fresh fruit plate on the table awaiting our arrival. The room is much more spacious and chic/luxurious than IC Le Moana. By no means is Le Moana roughing it, just a different style. 
View from deck of sapphire bungalow #118

I had brought a huge adult pink flamingo pool float all the way here with the hopes of getting an amazing picture of me riding it in the lagoon with the picturesque aqua backdrop. I called concierge and asked if they had an air pump. They sent a pool boy to our villa to get it. Soon after, I received a call in the room and the man on the phone exclaimed "I see a flamingo headed your way!" It had to be brought to me on the top of the golf cart. I also brought 100 feet of rope. I quickly tied the handle of my flamingo to the ladder of my deck and belly flopped on it and sailed off (100 feet) into the lagoon. It was pretty relaxing just floating around atop the flamingo. If I had to do it again, I'd bring 200-300ft rope so I could go a little further out in the lagoon. 
Pool boy delivering my flamingo float

Being a kid again

That night we split a pizza for $30. There was a $5 fee to take it away from the restaurant and back to your room, but it was at least double that to have it delivered through room service. While we waited for the pizza, we relaxed in a hammock and watched the sunset.

After a bath with a view, I turned in early as I had booked an early spa day. Even at night, the way the bungalows are lit, it is gorgeous outside!

I awoke eager to try out the breakfast. There was absolutely everything you could ever want to eat for breakfast available. The kiwi was seriously the best fruit I have ever ate. It was so fresh and it tasted so different than the kiwi at home. There were an abundance of breads and pastries, muffins, cheeses, yogurts, crepes (Nutella jars are next to them!) waffles and pancakes, fruits, potatoes and an assortment of other hot dishes. I was always too full after one plate to try any more. But breakfast was a great add on at this resort. Especially at the half off rate we selected upon check in. 
Breads, muffins, tartes, pastries

Meats and cheeses
Juices, yogurts, cereals and milks
My favorite, fruit tarte
Hot breakfast dishes

We spent the rest of the day after breakfast at the Deep Ocean Spa. There will be no other spa in the world that will live up to the standard that has been set for me. Incredible doesn't begin to describe.
In my opinion, the best view in the resort, from the spa's jacuzzi

Stacy at sunset

When the spa day had come to an end, we spent what was left of the day swimming in the lagoon with new friends, for hours. We had music playing and the husbands were doing crazy stunts off the deck into the water.  Brian was climbing up the ladder to the bungalow to jump again as a giant ray jumped out of the water about 20 feet behind him. I was so surprised, (ok I was terrified) I had no idea they jumped! I think he scared it. My other theory was a shark was chasing it! The mister and I drank a bottle of champagne while sitting on the life jackets (provided in bungalow) and floating in the lagoon at sunset, in awe of the motu and all of it's majesty. Such an incredible memory! 

For lunch and dinner we ate our GoPicnic meals on the deck of the bungalow. We take these with us every trip in case there is no food I like. 

At one point, I totally felt like I was on "Couples Retreat." Sitting on the deck listening to the resort across the way playing some awesome music. I wanted to swim over to Le Meridien and party with them! Our resort looked much nicer. But I wish we had a DJ at our pool. 

The deck of the bungalow was amazing and private. There is actually a deck off the deck that has a shower to rinse the salt water off. The upper deck has a nice sized table and two chairs, as well as two lounge chairs with nice thick cushions. I always see that hotels photograph their rooms with the cushions, but upon arrival they aren't there or are measly.  That is not the case here. They are very comfortable cushions. There is a door off the deck that goes straight into the bedroom. The floor to ceiling window in front of the bed also has two secret doors on either side. There is also a sliding glass door that opens the whole wall into the living room from the deck. 
The bed was very comfortable and large.  The bathtub had an amazing view as well. It looked out to two different windows across the lagoon. I was worried that it would not be able to get as hot as I like it, but there was always hot water. The rain shower was nice and spacious with a wooden bench.  I loved the scent of the bath amenities as well. They were the same brand from their spa, Algotherm. There were two nice, new looking robes and two pairs of slippers provided that were really comfortable for my hurting feet. 
Living room view from front door

View from deck door

Looking straight out to the deck from living room

view from sapphire bungalow #118


View of tub through bedroom from deck bedroom door

Bathroom vanities


Amazing bathtub

Spacious closet

Ambassador waters were replaced daily, as well as several small bottles of Evian water in the bedroom. The living room had complimentary teas and coffee as well as a minibar for purchase. There was an electric kettle that we used and added our instant mocha coffee that we brought for our morning drinks. There is also a Nespresso machine but I believe the pods were around $5 each.  Nice glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, tea, coffee and espresso cups were available. 
Nespresso machine

Complimentary coffee & tea and cups

I was very pleased with everything that was available in room. 
There were two tv channels in English, one being CNN. Not an issue because I didn't come here for tv. 
The internet speed was great! We FaceTime'd with the kids back home a lot with zero issues. It worked out on the deck, but not the bottom deck near the water. 
This was by far the best resort I have ever stayed at. From the view, to accommodation, to the recognition, everything was flawless. 
Every day we were called to see if there was anything we needed or if they could help us with anything and some nights they came to the bungalow and asked if we needed anything stocked. 
The morning we had to check out to catch our flight to Moorea, we received a wake up call without having to ask.  
One of the nights they left a gift on my bed for being an ambassador.  I received a nice canvas beach bag and Tiare oil. The gift shop had them for $38 total, so I was pretty pleased with the gift!
Ambassador gifts

We donated the pink flamingo to the resort instead of trying to take it back home. They took it to the pool. So if you see him please take a picture and let me know he is enjoying his life in Bora Bora!  
This resort is handicap accessible. Wheelchairs fit everywhere and there is a wheelchair lift in places they don't. But you can also ask for a ride via golf cart anywhere. 
The only negative thing I can think of is that there were no USB outlets and very few outlets in general. 
Enjoying the sunset

Showing KC some love!

Sands Beach Bar

Wedding Chapel

Everyday at Noon at the pool they make things for you to bring home

Infinity Pool

I have seen this islet alot in IC Thalasso's promo pictures, however it looked different in real life. It was dead and full of rocks.

Fun Fact-There is an IC Thalasso app for iPhones. Download before your trip!

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