Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Aquaventure at Atlantis

If you ask the office at PIBC, you can get a discount on day passes at Atlantis. It was half off, bringing it to $80 something each. 
I had spent a lot of time on their website planning and seeing if we would be able to fit in all the pools and slides we wanted. Their website boasts over 20 pools, 18 water slides & 2 lazy rivers. We were beyond excited!

I saw no where near 20 pools. Maybe FIVE, maybe! We only used two pools, a children's shallow water pool which had a fun climbing ship and kid slides with shallow enough water that even young ones can play safely. Which is huge for me to say that it's safe, being that our youngest aspirates with water. There was a DJ playing top 40 music and then he played 5 or 6 games with the kids where the winners got Atlantis prizes. 

The calm lazy river (that doesn't have any rapids) had apparently been closed for 5 months. This was sad as I hoped to spend much of our day relaxing in a tube with Little B. I did go down the rapids river once, and I just prefer the traditional lazy river where I don't have to worry about my butt scraping the bottom. 
The food & drinks looked good, the husband & kids said they were. But don't leave your food unguarded for even a second, the birds will fly in and dance on it while fighting over it. I brought my own lunch & drink in my backpack. 

My favorite part was watching Ms. A and the husband go down "The Leap of Faith" pyramid slide!! I really thought she would never do it, but it was the first slide she did. Just walked up and went down right after her dad! #ProudMomMoment

The day went by pretty fast. The park seemed to shut down around 5pm. Closed signs were put out at pools and lifeguards left.  So we did too.
I don't think I would do the Aquaventure again. I guess if I was staying at Atlantis & it was free I would, but I wouldn't pay for a day pass. Atlantis' marketing team has done a great job of building up their resort to make it sound like a bucket list trip, but I'm not sure if we were just there the wrong time of year or what. It just seemed closed. 

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