Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dolphin Cay at Atlantis

There are several dolphin encounters in Nassau. We chose Dolphin Cay because the main reason we were going was to take our young children & for amazing pictures of the event.
The other encounter, you have to take a 20 minute boat ride to & it's on its own island. There were many plus sides to this attraction, but it seemed to be an all day event. I wanted to be able to easily find shade, easily go back home when we were ready and I wanted to be sure to have an amazing backdrop & a professional camera. So we chose Dolohin Cay. If it were just husband & I, I probably would have picked the other because the inflatable water park sounded awesome!

So Atlantis advertises free all day use of their luxurious private beach & unlimited complimentary beverages, with purchase of dolphin package. We chose a 2:20pm spot and wanted to enjoy the beach before the dolphin encounter. We arrive and pick out our chairs in the sand. The chairs have a nice large umbrella attached to them, but unfortunately it was not able to be angled to block the sun, so really only worked if sun was directly over head. Husband goes out to cool off in the water, which was more like a swimming pool type lake. Workers started yelling at him to get out of the water. Apparently it's literally just use of their beach-not any water, as the water is all connected to the dolphins water! 
Ok, kind of a bummer since it's really hot out, but no big deal, let's go find the drinks. Although there is a restaurant at the (man made) beach, the complimentary drinks were ice water & ice water with lemons. Nice but I had promised Ms. A she could have a root beer! After all, the price we paid & words used to describe the complimentary drinks, I think pops should be included. 
That was the only negative part of the day. 
At our time, we met in the locker room and were each handed a wetsuit to put on. 

They provided secure lockers for our belongings. We then went into a room and had a quick update on how events would go. We were led out to the beach & put in groups of 10. Our instructor then takes us out into the water to the edge of the ledge. Where the water gets deep is where the dolphins openly swim. Since we have a 3 year old & 9 year old, we chose the dolphin encounter which is a shallow water interaction. 

Each person was able to have one on one time with the dolphin, hugging & kissing her while being photographed. Our oldest got to feed her fish.

The amazement and wander on my children's faces were priceless. So worth the expense. 

After our time with the dolphin was up, we went to check out the photos. I was a sucker and bought every photo they took, on a USB drive & an Atlantis photo frame with a 5x7 picture of my choice. I think it was $168. But a tip to the wise, you can apparently pre-pay and get the package for $99!
We ended the day with a stuffed dolphin souvenir from the Atlantis gift shop. 
5* day.
Feeding the dolphin dead fish

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