Monday, February 10, 2020

Hallstatt, the most beautiful lakeside town in the world.

Leaving Gmunden was hard for us to do! I had no idea how much it would impact us to meet special people along our journey, but Martin was now family. Briella gave him a big hug goodbye and we promised to come back. I cannot wait.

If you like lakes and mountains, Austria is THE place to be. It doesn't get better than this. We had already paid for our next destination on Airbnb, otherwise, we would have rearranged our schedule to stay longer. If I was going to relocate, I would 100% consider Austria.

On our way to Innsbruck, Austria, I decided I for sure needed to give Hallstatt another try. Luckily, today was very sunny and it was on our way out of town, so why not?

Hallstatt is a Pre-Historic town dating back to 800 BC. Until the late 19th century, it was only possible to reach Hallstatt by boat.

First, we went to enjoy the island again, looking back at the town. This is just such a peaceful, special place. After our moment of calm, I changed into a flashy red floral dress and went searching for the insta-worthy photo. The first spot I scouted, the local gentleman said it was 5€ so I moved on to find a free setting. I should have just paid him and been done with it. A little ways further into town and I jumped up on a weathered wooden railing above the lake. As I did, it wobbled a bit (a bunch) and I thought I may be headed into the water. No such excitement this day. It was hot out, the photos didn't come out great. I was being followed by cameras of tourists that apparently do not often see blondes. I bet they got the good photos I wanted of me! If you know someone who was in Hallstatt that day....

Okay so it's hot, I already said that. We are hungry but we cannot find a restaurant that had cuisine that all four of us will eat. Brian just wants to get on the road and I want to get a good photo. I see these swan paddle boats and nothing else matters. I am not going to lose this battle and am not even asking Brian if we can do it, I just kind of run around asking everyone where I rent them. Once I am at the right spot and figure out pricing, I encouraged Brian to hurry up and pay her since there was actually one open right now. The next thing I know, we are trying to figure out how to position the camera and tripod so that it is not falling into the lake and who is sitting up front and paddling. Aubrey and Brian won that battle. Such a scenic ride along the edge of the town! It is hard not to get a postcard-worthy photo from the water! There isn't much that can top that experience, so we ended Hallstatt on a wonderful note, unlike last time here.

Aub and Brian paddling the Swan 

Hallstatt Tourism Photo

I called this "The Secret Garden." Brian argued it was just a fenced garden.

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