Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Air Tahiti Nui Trip Report

Colorful pillows, amenities gift & blanket

On each chair was a blanket, pillow and an amenities set that included aqua socks, eye mask, ear plugs, earbuds and a towelette. The earbuds were for use in the entertainment tablet on the back of the seat. 
USB charger on the right

We were able to select from a large choice of movies and new releases. There were games and music as well as the typical map to show you where the plane was located and how fast we were going.

 There was a USB port to charge your devices during the flight, which was the highlight of the trip for me!
The staff was dressed in Polynesian attire with flowers behind their ears. Traditional Polynesian music played as we boarded and deplaned. It got us in the mood for our trip! After takeoff they passed out Tiare flowers to everyone. They are so fragrant and really got me excited about getting there! 

The food was surprisingly good. It was French food. For dinner we had a croissant, cheeses, pasta dish and a cheesecake. This was considered a light meal. There were unlimited complimentary drinks, including alcohol. I had a champagne for breakfast. But if you wanted a drink, you had to go to the area by the restroom and get it yourself. Breakfast was similar, instead of pasta we had the choice of crepes or pancakes. The return flight we had potato crepes for dinner with croissants and jelly, a great fruit tarte and potatoes. For breakfast we had an egg quiche and fruit with croissants. 

The seats are narrow. The most narrow of any airline I have flown. It was hard to sleep and I do not have trouble sleeping on planes. If I make this trip again I would choose Air France. This trip, AF's schedule did not work out for me, which is how I chose Air Tahiti Nui.  They use a two seats, aisle, four seats, aisle, two seats, set up. The flight there was full but the return flight had some people getting a row of four to themselves. 
Exiting the plane in Tahiti, we climbed down the stairs and walked across the runway to the airport. As we were in line to go inside the airport, there was a Polynesian band playing live music that really gets everyone excited. 

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