Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Air Tahiti, Papeete, Bora Bora and Moorea Airports

Our trip to Bora Bora, Moorea & Tahiti

Air Tahiti

We arrived in Papeete, Tahiti shortly after 6am. After exiting the plane on the Air Tahiti Nui plane on the runway, we lined up to enter the airport. As we lined up there was a Tahitian welcome band to get us excited for our trip.

While waiting for our 8:30am flight to Bora Bora we shopped the airport shops. There was one that sold Kinder Eggs. They are illegal in the states because the FDA won't allow a toy inside a food item. I was very excited to see them but since it was only day 1 I figured it would melt. I never saw them again and wish I would have bought them to bring home!
There is a McDonalds at the airport. The McDon's here (as well as France) serve the Royal with Cheese, which always excites the mister (Pulp Fiction reference.)
McDonald's menu in French Polynesia

We purchased two postcards and stamps and mailed them out to our kids. It took 20 days to get to them!
Proof they were mailed in case they never show!

Once you pass through security for Air Tahiti, there is a food place inside. They were inexpensive, a baguette sandwich being a couple of dollars. 
Small restaurant inside security of Air Tahiti

The plane boarded 15 minutes before takeoff. You walk out to the runway and climb up the stairs of the plane.  It was a decent sized plane with maybe 20 rows. I was expecting it to be smaller. 

Nice new seats

We were sure to sit on the left side of the plane as we had read it had the great views flying into Bora Bora. This is completely accurate. The views are amazing. 
View of Intercontinental Thalasso from the air

We landed and disembarked the plane. My wheelchair apparently did not get put on the plane and instead was rolled back inside the airport despite my tags on it. I was a little terrified on how I would make it through the trip without it, but more so that it was my late Grandmother's chair and the thought of losing it made me upset. I feel like I bring a piece of her with me on these trips. 
Prettiest airport I have ever been to

Inside the airport we were greeted by a woman from Intercontinental. She gave each of us a flower lei and welcomed us. 
Flower Leis

She promised she would take care of my missing chair and told me to just get on the boat shuttle to the resort and all would be fine. By 10:30am we were at the resort and my chair showed up by 11:30am! They flew it in from Tahiti. I was impressed with their quick actions. 

Leaving Bora Bora and flying to Moorea was just as simple. There was no security what so ever. We were able to bring waters from the hotel, on the plane. We again sat on the left side, but I think either side to Moorea is fine. 
Any flight over 30 minutes receives complimentary pinapple juice. Other drinks and snacks are available for purchase. 
I would not mind a layover at this airport

Welcome to Bora Bora

Moorea Airport:
It was very small. Only thing that was open when we arrived was a car rental agency. 
Moorea Airport

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