Thursday, January 2, 2020

Sisi, the Chanel Empress?!

The following are beauty posts inspired from my visit to Vienna, Austria:
*Sisi, the Chanel Empress?!

CC isn't just a Chanel logo,  It's also a historical nod to Austrian Empress Elisabeth, who went by Sisi.

Karl Lagerfeld made a film for Chanel called 'Reincarnation.' The 7 minute movie's soundtrack is a duet entitled "CC the World," written by Pharrell, and performed by both him and Cara Delevingne. 

1. The film is based in reality. It details the birth of the iconic Chanel jacket. Coco Chanel was on holiday in Austria when she was inspired by the uniform of a hotel elevator operator—played here by Pharrell.*
2. The cast is quite large (and legendary). Expect to see notable Chanel muses ranging from Geraldine Chaplin (daughter of Charlie) and Lady Amanda Harlech to 6-year-old Lagerfeld favorite Hudson Kroenig, who dances and sings as a miniature bellboy.
3. "CC" isn't just a reference to the Chanel logo. It's also a historical nod to Austrian Empress Elisabeth, who went by "Sisi."
4. The film started with Pharrell. Lagerfeld says that after Pharrell approached him with an interest to collaborate with Cara D, the concept and plot sprung to life.

*In 1954, Coco Chanel was vacationing at Hotel Schloss Mittersill near Salzburg, Austria. She loved the traditional uniform jacket that the elevator boy was wearing. Inspired by its sober, practical form, she created the iconic Chanel Jacket, which became a symbol of the Women's Movement of the twentieth century.  The boucle tweed jacket was inspired by menswear, straight and fluid, without interfacing and provides absolute freedom of movement. The jacket was lined with silk and has delicate chain that ran along the seam to insure that the jacket falls perfectly. The tweed jacket became the most classic piece in the fashion history. Most amazing and influential women own and wear this fashion classic with grace.

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